Work in progress

Back at last! It is lovely to have some time off and be able to take care of this lovely blog again!

I must say, even though I haven't been blogging regularly, I have been busy, busy, busy creating new stuff and exploring new materials. 

Here is just a quick peek of the project I am working on now. I made the little cards when looking for the right consistency for the paint, and they turned up very cute. The city is actually more a pre-project as I needed to test how my dip pen would perform with my new gouache paints (courtesy of some very thoughtful friends).  

I think the result is very neat and I have found the inking process surprisingly relaxing. I am very keen on finishing this illustration as the next one (the actual project) is already sketched and waiting for me!

Hope you like it! I'll be back very soon to show you what I have been up to!

My brand new camera

Tomorrow is my birthday! Yey!!! My lovely boyfriend could not resist giving me my birthday present a bit earlier so I could enjoy it during the weekend. He gave me the most thoughtful present ever! I have wanted an analog camera for a long time and I love the range of lomography cameras on the market, but this is definitely the perfect one for me. La sardina DIY is a very easy to use, light weighted camera that comes with a very powerful led flash. It looks really plain and simple but this is only because is ready to be completely decorated by yourself!! You can be as creative as you want and use any materials you feel like, and if you don't like the result, just change it! It is perfect for a crafty persone like myself. 

The camera comes with a very well packed pack that includes some transparent parts to cover your designs, spare screws and filters for the flash to create colourful effects. To make sure I could be shooting from day 1, my boyfriend also gave  me 2 different films for the camera. I had no idea of the huge range of film available and how different the photos can be depending on which one you use. I am sure I will have lots of fun testing all the films I can until I find my favourite one!

Now I am just looking for creative ideas to get my design just right, but I have also started a provisional fabric cover to make my La sardina pretty during my thinking time. I will share the result soon so you can see how a little bit of colour makes it look much cuter. I can't wait to start taking pictures! and see how they look! I love my new toy!

Beautiful crochet!

One of the most practical (and cutest) things I have crocheted so far has been this very handy and very wintery cup cozy. Even tough I have mentioned in previous post that a) crochet is very easy and b) I am a very patient person, I have to admit I nearly had a break down with this project.
 As you probably now by now, I love arts and crafts. There is no denying that now. But it is not as simple as it sound. I love them only when they are perfect. I don't do things half way and I definitely don't do nothing that does not look perfect. I am extremely perfectionist, to the point where I can undo (or throw away) my work if it is not looking like I expected. I know, it is a big issue, I should work on that, everybody makes mistekes... well, too late. That is what I do! And you have to admit that the results are not bad at all! Anyway, now that you know this you can how imagine how hard it was to make this beautiful cozy, making up the pattern as I was crocheting along, when crochet is so easy to undo!! I don't know how long did it take me but I was very close to giving up when all become clear to me, although I have to admit that I have a second cup just like this one and I am afraid is going to stay cozy-less forever...

Ater all that I decided to take on an easy project and had a wonderful time crocheting different sized flowers and making this little brooch for a friend's birthday. I love these little flowers, they make anything look so much prettier and personal. 

Pretty little finds


Very recently I found a surprisingly interesting and cheap antique shop in a town nearby. I thought I found all the interesting shops on my research on line when I moved to the area but apparently there are lots of places to discover! 

This place was much bigger than what I expected and it had a huge variety of stuff, so I will definitely be going back there soon to have a proper look. I will give you more details when I go back. For now I have to content myself with this little wooden stamp I got there. I am sure I will be able to find a use for it in no time!